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Tattoo Removal

Some things are not meant to be permanent and your tattoo should not be any different.


Removing Your Ink

The medical-grade laser technology breaks up the ink from the tattoo into tiny particles that are naturally absorbed by the body. The body through its natural filtration (lymphatic system) removes the particles from the body. The lasers wavelengths are adjusted to different tattoo colours and sizes.

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Why choose laser tattoo removal?

Many people are of the belief that a tattoo is permanent, however our laser technology proves that this is not the case. At Ozmedica we provide affordable, safe and professional tattoo removal right here in Melbourne and our highly trained professional clinicians ensure the process is efficient and effective. The laser treatment is a non-abrasive ink removal method which ensures scarring wont occur like other painful treatment including dermabrasions and excisions.

Our professional clinicians will conduct an initial consultation with you to assess the size, colour/s and density of the tattoo. A treatment plan will be tailored specifically to you providing you with information on the length and number of treatments required. The tattoo removal treatments will usually occur between 6-8 weeks apart and on average 6 to 10 treatments are required.

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