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Anti-Wrinkle Injections Melbourne

Anti-wrinkle Injections help relax facial muscles will lead to softening of aged lines

Strong muscle contractions in the face are the cause of the appearance of wrinkles of lines as we age. Taking steps to relax those muscles, such as through anti-wrinkle injections, can lead to a softening of those lines.

The procedure involves multiple injections into the treated area using micro needles, meaning that any discomfort is minimal and easily tolerated.

To ensure the most comfortable time for our patients, we can apply ice or a local anesthetic cream to further reduce the sensation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Effects can be seen between two and three days after treatment, but the full effect may take up to two weeks to materialise. A mandatory two-week follow-up treatment helps to ensure that you get the most satisfactory aesthetic outcome.

It is important to remember that this is a temporary procedure and the results of the first treatment may only last between 6 and 12 weeks. Maintaining treatments at the recommended frequency can increase the longevity of the result to between three and four months. Allowing the effects of the injections to completely subside means that optimal results are harder and will take longer to achieve.

There is risk involved with every medical procedure and it is critical that patients understand these before embarking on the treatment. While the majority of patients do not experience complications, it is important to assess the potential benefits of the treatment against any risks.

Slight swelling, redness and possible bruising of the injection site can occur. Asymmetrical results, lack of result (most often from an inadequate dosage), puffy eyes (when treating the eyes) and drooping of the corners of the mouth (from misplacement of the injections) are also possibilities. Roughly 1 per cent of patients undergoing treatment of the frown experience a partial eyelid droop that can last for up to one month. All side effects of the treatment are temporary and will resolve in time.

 Partially. Lines present without facial movement are referred to as static lines. While anti-wrinkle injections can help to soften their appearance, they will need to be filled with dermal fillers.

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