Beauty Myths that have been fooling us in 2019

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Beauty Myths that have been fooling us in 2019

It’s no secret that beauty is in the spotlight more than ever now. Especially in 2020, make sure you’re fully equipped with the right knowledge to Get that Glow which is going to represent you for a long time.

But with any popular trend, myths follow around them. To relieve you from the stress of what’s true and with what to continue, we are here to bust some myths which you leave behind in 2019.

Since the beginning of time, this myth has surrounded skincare junkies – Can you can go to bed WITH makeup on?

On some days, it’s a hassle getting up from your sleep mid-way and getting all that product off your face. The tug of war between a tiring day and a healthy skin is real. So, is it really okay to go to sleep without washing your face? Can we skip the routine on some long nights? Is it worth it?

Let’s understand what’ll happen if you don’t and you can decide if it’s worth the struggle. The makeup products, that you spend all your money on, can mix with the build-up of dirt and oil that’s on the surface of your skin throughout the day if you sleep with it on. This leads to clogged pores, creating a barrier for any skincare products to penetrate in and do their magic. This is why clogged pores lead to breakouts! If you already face pimples and acne, by all means, avoid going to sleep with makeup on. It would be the last thing you want that day but having a dull skin would be the last thing you’d want anyway. Ergo, push yourself to the washroom and get it over with. And avoid getting a duller complexion in 2020.

Secondly, Are hot showers good for your skin? Hot showers might be one of the most relaxing but can strip your skin of essential oils, leaving it feeling dry. Especially when it’s time to wash your face, dial down to avoid stripping the moisture off your skin. Instead of cleaning up in a piping hot shower, turn down the temperature and opt for lukewarm water instead.

Further on, Should you moisturise if you have oily skin? This is a tricky one. External factors like pollution, UV rays, and excessive cleansing can damage oily skin’s moisture barrier, causing loss of moisture and an increase in oil production. Opt for a lightweight, oil-free water-based moisturizer, which has a matte finish. It’s formulated with hyaluronic acid and aloe vera water to help provide long-lasting hydration.

Lastly, Can you SKIP sunscreen if it’s not sunny outside? If you thought SPF was only a necessity on days when you’re hanging out at the beach, it’s time to get your head out of the clouds! It turns out that you should wear broad-spectrum SPF every day—even when the skies are gray. Anyway, don’t you feel extra nice when you’re moistured?

Let us know any other beautycare “truths” you’ve heard and are unsure about, we’ll bust those myths… Or simply come in for a Free Consultation!

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