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Cool Sculpting alternative

Treating stubborn fat is a hot topic and millions of people are struggling to overcome this issue. Once you build this stubborn fat, it is quite difficult for you to remove fat. Some people don’t need to fight with their stubborn fat but some couldn’t get rid of it until a specific procedure or daily routine is followed. Increased stubborn belly fat substantially increases risk of serious health issues and also, to visualize yourself with expanded waistlines makes you feel getting older.

Fat Reducing Treatment

Subcutaneous fat is the most stubborn type of fat than visceral or intramuscular type and it usually exists around butt, hips, flanks, or thighs. Women mostly build up this fat after pregnancy and menopause. This localized and exercise resistant unwanted fat is permanent and without any proper treatment procedure, it is not possible to remove this glued fat from your body.

Both invasive and noninvasive fat loss (fat laser) are available to remove excess fat and body contouring. Liposuction is an invasive (surgical) treatment that requires more downtime and much effort while there are other noninvasive methods with no downtime that included cool sculpting, Zerona, etc.

The coolsculpting method is much safer cold fat removal option than liposuction as it would not result in increased health complication risks. Other benefits of non-surgical methods are minimal side effects, no anesthesia, incision, and the result till no further weight is gained. The patients usually go for coolsculpting stomach, thighs, and flanks areas. With advancement in technology and modern research, there are also other coolsculpting alternatives available such as SculpSure.

SculpSure as best alternative to CoolSculpting

SculpSure serves as coolsculpting liposuction alternative with a much smarter way. It is also an FDA- approved like coolsculpting while ensuring safety, resultant outcomes, time commitment, comfort level, affordability, and downtime(recovery period) factors.

Treatment procedure

SculpSure is the latest innovative laser methodology to get rid of your fat cells. It uses heating mechanism to destroy your unwanted fat cells. This procedure of heating up your fat cells is quite bearable and comfortable as well as you will feel a cooling sensation throughout the treatment. Your fat pockets that are difficult to treat and get rid of now quite easy to remove in only 25-minute treatment without any surgery. The results cannot be directly observed after the first session as every patient’s skin is different depending on the area that is treated. Its overall cost is much lesser than the invasive methods and typically depends on the number of sessions conducted.

Best treated areas

SculpSure is an effective technique to treat your extra fat containing areas such as it

  • Reduce the belly bulge

  • Shrink the love handles

  • Reduce the saddlebags

  • Reduce your back and thighs

OZmedica is providing world’s smarter way “SculpSure” to fight your extra body fat. We are passionate to assist our customers with best-customized plans while ensuring their complete satisfaction. If you need a non-invasive body contouring and want to achieve your youthful beauty then use our contact us for an initial consultation as it is the first step to get your slimmer look back. Our clinicians will guide you about the right treatment plan that also complies with your body requirements.

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