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Enjoy the confidence of clearer, blemish-free skin – and kiss heavy concealers goodbye


Rejuvenate your skin and reveal a fresher,
more youthful complexion

Exfoliation and light skin resurfacing

Microdermabrasion is a popular treatment that removes the top
layer of sun-damaged and dead skin cells (stratum corneum)
and stimulates new skin growth to reveal fresher, smoother,
younger-looking skin.

Using a Microdermabrasion machine, a device similar to a tiny
vacuum cleaner, Microdermabrasion combines exfoliation and
light skin resurfacing.

dermasweep treatment


DermaSweep is an advanced
microdermabrasion treatment

An advanced 3-in-1 microdermabrasion
treatment with little to no downtime,
that exfoliates, improves circulation
and oxygenation.

DermaSweep takes microdermabrasion to a new level. A
clinicians-only treatment, it’s a huge step above the traditional
microdermabrasion treatments used in beauty therapy clinics.
Using proprietary-level bristle treatment tips, DermaSweep
gently lifts away the top layer of the skin, increasing circulation to
enhance oxygenation and lymphatic drainage, then delivers
high-performance skin specific infusions for targeted skin
change on any wide variety of skin conditions.


Medlite Laser Facial

The Medlite Laser Facial is our lightest laser facial treatment at Ozmedica. To achieve this, we bring the settings of our Medlite C6 laser machine back to their lightest settings.

Overall, it is a rejuvenating, stimulating, light laser facial with no down-time, very low levels of redness just after treatment, and the most minimal side effects seen in laser facials, yet significant visible effects and improvements  are noticed by our clients at Ozmedica over the ensuing weeks.

laser facial treatment
tattoo removal

How is Tattoo Removal Done?

Tattoo removal has come a long way in recent years. In the past, it was either impossible to remove a tattoo, or very difficult. As laser technology came about, a way to remove tattoos was born, but it was very time consuming and expensive. Now, with the higher precision of lasers, tattoo removal is a different ball game.

You will still need to be prepared to have patience, as it needs to be completed over a number of sessions, but with the higher level lasers, the results are now great, and much faster than before.

The laser equipment we use at Ozmedica, is the very precise C6 Medlite which is highly recommended by many leading experts in the field of tattoo removal. The C6 Medlite gives fast precision laser pulses that are designed to target the different coloured inks.

An experienced Ozmedica clinician will review your particular case and take you through the expected length and timing of your treatments. This can depend on the size and density of the tattoo, it’s depth, the ink and the colours used, your skin type and complexion.



Facial Glow
Package $350

SAVE $200

Time to radiate with confidence! Our Glowing Skin Package is designed to rejuvenate your face and achieve clearer, healthier, glowing skin.

1 x Advanced Dermasweep
1 x Enzymatic Micro
Peel or Ageless Peel or Glycolic or Lactic
Vitamin C Infusions
LED – Green Light Therapy
1 x skincare product of choice
Complimentary skin assessment


Anti Ageing
Package $290

SAVE $200

You have the power to look as young as you feel. Don’t be afraid to use it! Our Anti Ageing Package is designed to refresh and restore your skin with a natural glow.

1 x Advanced Dermasweep
Peel Hydration Infusion
LED – Red Light Therapy
Complimentary skin assessment.


Package $240


Our Acne-Free Package can help reduce skin imperfections, increase skin elasticity and improve skin structure to revitalise skin from within. Restore your confidence today.

1 x Advanced Dermasweep
LED – Blue Light Therapy
1 x Peel of choice
Complimentary skin assessment


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