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Microdermabrasion is a popular treatment that removes the top layer of sun-damaged and dead skin cells (stratum corneum) and stimulates new skin growth to reveal fresher, smoother, younger-looking skin.



DermaSweep takes microdermabrasion to a new level. A clinicians-only treatment, it’s a huge step above the traditional microdermabrasion treatments used in beauty therapy clinics.



Now Microdermabrasion, Photo Biostimulation and Micro currents are integrated in a complete facial rejuvenation package.


Chemical Peels

Don’t be afraid of the word ‘chemical’. A far cry from days of old, today’s chemical peels are advanced, gentle and highly effective, targeting a wide range of skin concerns.


Derma Blading

At Ozmedica, we endeavour to address your skin conditions and give it a rejuvenated look with our high rated skin treatments. Derma blading is one of our newly launched beauty movements that helps to exfoliate and get rid of dead skin cells and vellus hair, in the most uncomplicated ways.


Pro Yellow Laser

Pro Yellow is a new laser approach more specific to help with anti-aging, skin discolouration, melasma, deeper pigmentation and blemishes, sunspots, freckles, wrinkles, sun-damage,, rosacea, teen acne, acne scarring and more.


Medlite Laser Facial

The Medlite Laser Facial is our lightest laser facial treatment at Ozmedica. To achieve this, we bring the settings of our Medlite C6 laser machine back to their lightest settings.


Led Light Therapy

There are several different forms of LED (light emitting diode) light therapy, all of which are proven methods for assisting with consistent complexion and glowing skin.


Medlite Laser For Melasma

we can treat melasma, treat sun damaged skin, and treat sun damage to the facial skin with a painless treatment that has visible results and minimal downtime.


Acne Control

Acne is an extremely common problem, with some health organisations claiming that around 85% of Australians will develop acne during their life.


Fading Freckles With Medlite Laser

Some of us are born with freckles, and some of us develop them over time with exposure to the sun. While it’s great to embrace your natural beauty, there are some of us who’d prefer to be freckle-free and Ozmedica has the perfect solution for how to get rid of freckles.

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SculpSure Body Contouring

Non-invasive laser body contouring that helps you achieve a natural-looking, slimmer appearance. No Surgery. No Downtime.


Dermal Fillers

Turn back time. A subtle, natural, youth-enhancing treatment to reverse the signs of ageing.


Anti Wrinkle Injections

Our doctor-administered anti-wrinkle injections minimise the appearance of lines and wrinkles to give you a rested, more youthful appearance.


Skin & Facial Treatments

Non-invasive laser skin treatments and advanced dermal therapies to repair, protect and enhance your natural beauty.


Ozmedica Aesthetic Clinic.
You’re in safe hands.

Non-surgical skin & laser treatments for a younger-looking you.

Everyone wants to look the best they can, and at Ozmedica, we make this possible by offering the most advanced anti-ageing and beauty procedures to enhance your appearance, reverse the signs of ageing, preserve your skin and restore your confidence – without surgery.

Based in Malvern, Melbourne, Ozmedica’s highly trained doctors and clinicians focus on carefully customised treatment plans for every patient, delivering gentle, effective and visible results. Only approved medical-grade equipment and products are used, along with doctor-administered anti-wrinkle treatments and dermal fillers, so you know you’re always in safe hands

laser clinic Malvern

An amazing clinic, with amazing staff. Highly recommended to those who spend their days in the sun or in the office. The facial treatment was thorough and I left feeling refreshed.

– Tom Woods

Best place I’ve ever been to do a facial only been there twice so far but such a great experience every time I go in. Thanks to Anushka such a beautiful lady, who is very friendly and easy going, explains the process very well, she’s a pro at what she does.
Will definitely keep going back, love her work

– Alina Mez

A lovely experience from start to finish! Reception staff are amazing – the clinician was lovely, I felt like a pampered princess ! People commented on how amazing my skin looked after my facial, I couldn’t recommend Ozmedica any higher

– Amanda Villalobos

I attended the ozmedica clinic for a facial, my girlfriend kept nagging me and constantly requesting me do somthing about my oily skin, as it was causing distress on her skin.

She booked my appointment here and not only did I leave with better skin, but the clinician was very passionate about educating me on age prevention and skin care. My girlfriend was so happy after she saw the result, as my skin was a lot smoother and clearer. Would recommend this 100% to any guy or girl looking to do something about their skin and preserving their skin for their future

- Nicholas Kazanidis

The dermasweep facials have been great. Highly recommend Anu although you have to book in quick if you want to see her. She’s helped my skin so much across the last 6 months and has achieved the results I’ve wanted with only a few sessions.

- Sam V

Absaloutley amazing service from reception and the beauticians. The facial i received was unbelievable and educational. Will 100% go again and i already feel a change in my skin.

- Eleni Vasiliou

Really nice and friendly staff, great experience overall, really accommodating even though I arrived late for my appointment

- George Skliros

After three sessions of sculpture on my lower abdomen, I was able to see a visible difference in this area.
I was very impressed with the service received at ozmedica and the knowledgable advice of the clinician.

I would highly recommend this treatment as you can expect to see noticable results yeepppyyy !

- Saaraa Hameed

I couldn’t be happier with having Anu taking care of me. Very knowledgeable, very kind, very funny, very helpful and have only had fantastic experiences with her. The staff being very friendly aswell. Great place would highly recommend. You’ll be taken good care of.

- Peter Zaharakis

AMAZING CLINICIANS! they explained everything in the consultation and the treatment was amazing! will definitely be going back!!

- Stephanie Rhodes

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