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Erase the past and clear the way to your future with Medlite C6 laser tattoo removal.

MedLite C6 Tattoo Removal

Four wavelengths, fewer treatments

Precise and gentle, the medical grade Medlite C6 laser is
the most effective laser for tattoo removal, breaking up
unwanted tattoos into tiny ink particles that are naturally
absorbed by the body.

The MedLite C6:

  • Fades 95% of tattoos with minimal to no scarring
  • Requires fewer treatments than other tattoo removal lasers
  • Four different wavelengths to cater to any type of tattoo removal
  • Can remove multicoloured tattoos
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Skilled Clinic

If you’d like to remove a tattoo, there are many factors which help determine your best cause of action, and the type and number of treatments required. Factors include:

  • Tattoo size
  • Ink quality
  • Whether the tattoo was professionally administered
  • Your complexion and skin type
  • Depth of the ink within the skin

Tattoo removal is a clinical procedure. Given the complexities of tattoo removal, it’s recommended that you only choose a clinic with highly trained professionals.

Ozmedica chooses the MedLite C6
laser for the following reasons.

Short power pulses: The MedLite C6 omits very short pulses of power, lasting just 20 ns each. This incredibly short duration allows for a photomechanical effect take place on the skin, shattering ink particles and prompting a safe and effective tattoo removal process.

Photothermolysis: The laser light also enables a selective photothermolysis to take place. Photothermolysis is a process of attracting specific wavelengths to remove multicoloured tattoo.
Four different wavelengths: The MedLite C6 has four different wavelengths – so each tattoo removal treatment can be customised to suit each and their particular needs.

Fewer treatments: Fewer laser removal treatments are required when using the MedLite C6, saving clients considerable time and money.

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Your Tattoo Removal Treatment Session

  1. If preferred, a numbing cream may be applied at least 15 minutes before your treatment time to minimise pain. N.B.: A cooling cryotherapy machine will be used during the session to minimise pain.
  2. The MedLite C6 treatment commences with short pulses of energy, which are over very quickly.
  3. You’ll be given an occlusive topical ointment, such as Vaseline, immediately after treatment to protect the area from external irritants.
    Tattoo removal treatment sessions can take anywhere between five and 45 minutes.

Tattoo Removal Side Effects

After your treatment, you should continue to apply Vaseline or a similar occlusive topical ointment daily, for up to a week.

It is normal to experience inflammation, pinpoint bleeding, blisters, scabbing or skin discolouration after your treatment. Do not be concerned by the appearance of blisters. Blisters usually appear 8 to 10 hours after your session and are a completely normal part of the healing process. Blisters are a healthy indication that healing has begun – your immune system is starting to remove the ink within your skin.

If you’re experiencing any other signs of pain or discomfort following your laser tattoo removal procedure, please contact the clinic immediately. Alternatively, contact your nearest GP.

Post- Laser Treatment

  • It’s likely that your skin will begin to flake within a week or so of your procedure, with scabs potentially forming over the  treated area.
  • Keep the affected area as clean as possible. Avoid bursting any blisters or removing scabs.
  • You may apply a covered ice pack to the area if it is hot and uncomfortable.
  • As the scabbing lifts, you may notice further ink removal, with red skin remaining.
  • Your skin on and around the affected area may lighten or darken, depending on the size of the tattoo and your  skin type, with some skin being more sensitive than others.
  • Strictly avoid all sun exposure to the affected area until the skin is fully healed to prevent further skin damage occurring.
  • Do not apply makeup or any creams, balms or serums that may irritate the affected area. If you are unsure if any of your cosmetics  or creams may irritate, contact the clinic for clarification.
  • Avoid scented lotions on the affected areas.

Questions about Laser Tattoo Removal

Are there risks to laser tattoo removal?

As every tattoo is individual, it is not possible for us to guarantee that scarring will not occur. In most cases, when performed by experienced, licensed professionals, laser tattoo removal is relatively routine and highly unlikely to cause damage to the skin.

Raised scarring may occur in some individuals although this is unlikely and dependent on the client’s skin type.

Pigmentation changes may occur, with some whiteness visible within the treated area. An infection will greatly increase the risk of scarring, so it is essential you keep your wound clean and adhere to post-treatment protocols at all times.

It will take four to six weeks for your tattoo to begin to fade. After a few weeks, the level of fading is best observed by comparing your treated area with pre-treatment photographs.

How many laser sessions will I need?

During your initial consult, your practitioner may estimate the number of treatments you’ll require. It is sometimes possible to fade or remove a tattoo with fewer treatments if you are prepared to wait for eight to 12 weeks between treatments. This extended wait time allows your body the time to clear fragments of ink from your previous session.

We recommend you think of your tattoo removal process as a longer-term project that can be worked on, over time, over the next year or so.


Tattoo Removal

Medical-grade laser break up your unwanted tattoo
into tiny ink particles that are naturally absorbed by the body.

*At time of consultation we will refer to a chart for sizing
that area and quote you accordingly.


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