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Enjoy the confidence of clearer, blemish-free skin – and kiss heavy concealers goodbye

The Quadropro ProYellow Vascular Laser

More comfort, faster healing, any skin tone

The Quadropro ProYellow vascular laser selectively targets skin blemishes while minimising damage to the surrounding skin. The laser light penetrates the outer layers of skin deep into the blood vessels below. These blood vessels selectively absorb the energy in the beam, become intensely heated, and then quickly destroyed. Your body gradually removes these damaged vessels over time, leaving you with clearer, blemish-free skin.

Non Invasive Fat Loss

ProYellow. Because colour matters.

Using the yellow wavelength, the ProYellow provides the best absorption when treating blood vessels. This means less power is used during your treatment, resulting in:

  • More comfort
  • Faster healing
  • Reduced risk of side effects
  • The ability to safely treat darker skin tones.

And, it’s not just the colour; ‘depth’ matters too! ProYellow penetrate deeper than other lasers, allowing it to reach both visible lesions and underlying vessels. This also makes it safer to treat a wide variety of problems and skin types.



Vascular Treatments
Pro yellow

Treat broken capillaries and small red lines

Full Face 60 mins $480
Half Face 30 mins $250
Nose 30 mins $150
Upper Lip 15 mins $150
Chin 15 mins $150
Cheeks 30 mins $250
Forehead 30 mins $250
Front of Neck 40 mins $380
Single spot 40 mins $60
Decolletage 45 mins $400
ways to loose belly fat


Facial Glow
Package $350

SAVE $200

Time to radiate with confidence! Our Glowing Skin Package is designed to rejuvenate your face and achieve clearer, healthier, glowing skin.

1 x Advanced Dermasweep
1 x Enzymatic Micro
Peel or Ageless Peel or Glycolic or Lactic
Vitamin C Infusions
LED – Green Light Therapy
1 x skincare product of choice
Complimentary skin assessment


Anti Ageing
Package $290

SAVE $200

You have the power to look as young as you feel. Don’t be afraid to use it! Our Anti Ageing Package is designed to refresh and restore your skin with a natural glow.

1 x Advanced Dermasweep
Peel Hydration Infusion
LED – Red Light Therapy
Complimentary skin assessment.


Package $240


Our Acne-Free Package can help reduce skin imperfections, increase skin elasticity and improve skin structure to revitalise skin from within. Restore your confidence today.

1 x Advanced Dermasweep
LED – Blue Light Therapy
1 x Peel of choice
Complimentary skin assessment


Questions about Dermal Fillers

What does the laser feel like?

Vascular laser treatment is non-invasive. All you’ll feel is a series of quick stings, a little like a rubber band flicking against your skin. You may feel the heat sensation for a few minutes after treatment.

How many treatments will I need?

The number of treatments you’ll need will depend on the affected area, size of the area and your skin type. Usually, patients require multiple treatments over time to achieve the best results.

What can I expect after the treatment?

Your treated skin will be flushed afterwards, similar to the look of your complexion after a vigourous workout. However, your skin colour will return to normal within a few hours. If treated under the eyes or on the cheeks, there may be redness or inflammation for a few days. You may apply makeup immediately after treatment.

Which body areas can be treated?

Vascular lasers work more effectively on the face than the body.

How long does the treatment take?

ProYellow laser treatments take anywhere between a few minutes to 30 minutes or more, depending on the size of the treated area.

Are there risks to laser therapy?

Ozmedica’sProYellow laser is one of the safest lasers on the market. Further, you’ll be in the hands of highly experienced, trained clinicians, to make your treatment as safe effective, with minimal risk of complications as possible. For more information on the risks associated with any treatment, please discuss this with your clinician.

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