Skin Care Tips 2020

Skin Care Tips

Lockdowns have made us all lazy, but they have also been sacramental in helping us realise what truly matters – taking care of our loved ones and the self. I am now habitual of calling out bad habits; habits that are so easy to latch ourselves to, but difficult to let go.

When was the last time you took a close look at your eating habits? Your activities through the day? How much water did you drink? Did you remember to look away from the computer screen to stretch?

If you don’t remember, how are you planning on taking care of everything else? Us, human beings, we tend to forget that while stressing over issues, we lose not only precious time but also our health. As a man or woman, regardless of our jobs, we forget to take care of ourselves, especially our skin. Our skin shows signs of stress, bad eating habits, declining health, but we tend to overlook. However, actively caring for our skin has glorious effects on both the outside and the inside. Glowing skin is an award from the body and thus quickly boosting our confidence.

I never realised how I was wearing stress on the skin and carrying it around until I took a break and looked deeply analysed my habits. If there is anything that I have learnt this year, it is that I need to care for myself – both internally and externally. I have made it a goal to put my physical and mental well-being first, which is why I have started to take extreme care of my skin, and now, I’m carefully listening to my body: what it says, how it reacts and especially what it needs.

Here are certain things I swear by

Drink, eat, wear Your Water

At any given point, never should one underestimate the power of drinking water. In fact, it is all the more beneficial that we eat our water through various sources such as fruits and vegetables. And it is always helpful to invest in products which are water-based because they help fight the changing weather. Many of us don’t even understand the difference between dehydrated skin and dry skin – it’s not noticeable at first. Still, our skin dries out easily, especially when we don’t drink enough water. I started drinking water 5-6 bottles a day, and the effect says it all.

Don’t exfoliate so much!

Be gentle, and don’t use every home remedy that you find online or your ‘gentle exfoliators’ every day. Our skin is extremely sensitive, and we cannot see the micro-cuts that we get with exfoliators, especially the ones with apricot. I now exfoliate once a week, and it has made my skin happier – you should try doing this too!

Sleep more and cut caffeine ( if not completely then reduce it)

My day is incomplete with coffee and being a mother and an entrepreneur means I didn’t sleep at all. Well, not entirely true, but I slept very less than I should have. My sleeping pattern was extremely irregular. I used to also enjoy a lot of sugary treats and my espresso shots. Realising the damage, I have not switched to fruit juice, smoothies, salads, and now I sleep a minimum of 8 hours a day. Caffeine dehydrates your body, but of course, a little amount is okay, but watch your cups!

Say yes to vitamin D and your sunscreen

Let’s go out, sit in the sun, soak the day, let our skin vibe, but let us not forget to wear our sunscreen even if it’s a cloudy day, even if we are indoors. The UV rays can harm our skin gravely and show early signs of aging. They are also proven to be harmful to our health, so swear by sunscreen and make it a habit – like I have.

Stop trying everything new in the market

Consumerism has blinded us, so has brandedness and the psychological effects social media has on us. Every day means a new product that can fix our ‘flaws.’ Shouldn’t we stop for a second and take a hard look at ourselves and love every inch of our skin?

I was hoarding cosmetics as if they had some magic ingredient, hoping if one product didn’t work, maybe the other would. However, this is a cycle that we need to break free from. I am now making efforts to understand what my skin needs, and I am making a conscious decision to love myself every day a little more.

Love yourself

I love my skin, my hair, and I am now less talks and more actions. I have started to work out and become more active. I am breaking free from unhealthy habits, and if I can do it, you can too!

Let’s treat our skins, right! Let me know about your journey.

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