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Fading Freckles With Medlite Laser

Hyperpigmentation and sun spots, freckles and brown skin blemishes can all be erased with the simple, concentrated power of Medlite Aesthetic Laser facial treatment.

Some of us are born with freckles, and some of us develop them over time with exposure to the sun. While it’s great to embrace your natural beauty, there are some of us who’d prefer to be freckle-free and Ozmedica has the perfect solution for how to get rid of freckles. Hyperpigmentation and sun spots, freckles and brown skin blemishes can all be erased with the simple, concentrated power of Medlite Aesthetic Laser facial treatment.

There are some good skin care routines available for reducing dark spots, and lessening your use of abrasive cleansers and cleansing tools can also help reduce the signs. However, when it comes to reducing the appearance of natural freckles or reducing hyperpigmentation, there are not many options available commercially. Medlite aesthetic facial laser treatment is a revolutionary technology utilising the same lights capable of removing tattoos and deep scars at a low, comfortable and totally safe level to gently and effectively fade and eventually eliminate freckles from the skin. Spot treatments and full face treatments are so quick and painless, taking 15 – 45 minutes with no down time. In fact, a number of patients claim that the treatment is quite relaxing, making Medlite laser the ultimate treatment for those who believe in the power of beauty therapy, want clear and glowing skin, but also lead busy lives.

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Laser treatment is renowned as one of the most effective ways to fade freckles, whether natural or sun induced. While creams, serums, lotions and other products are constantly being pronounced ineffective and useless, laser treatment has withstood the test of time and science, with patients seeing results after every treatment. Targeting the dark cells deep within your skin, Medlite laser facial stops these dark freckles and sun spots from regenerating in your next skin cell cycle. This means that while in some cases you may even see some instant results, over the next few weeks as your skin naturally rejuvenates you see even more fading and reduction of freckles.

Medlite is a permanent solution for these blemishes, although further exposure to sun can and will result in the return of sun spots, but sun care can help fight this. With Medlite being so pain free, quick and affordable, there is really no downside to this treatment.



Medlite Laser



Facial Glow
Package $350

SAVE $200

Time to radiate with confidence! Our Glowing Skin Package is designed to rejuvenate your face and achieve clearer, healthier, glowing skin.

1 x Advanced Dermasweep
1 x Enzymatic Micro
Peel or Ageless Peel or Glycolic or Lactic
Vitamin C Infusions
LED – Green Light Therapy
1 x skincare product of choice
Complimentary skin assessment


Anti Ageing
Package $290

SAVE $200

You have the power to look as young as you feel. Don’t be afraid to use it! Our Anti Ageing Package is designed to refresh and restore your skin with a natural glow.

1 x Advanced Dermasweep
Peel Hydration Infusion
LED – Red Light Therapy
Complimentary skin assessment.


Package $240


Our Acne-Free Package can help reduce skin imperfections, increase skin elasticity and improve skin structure to revitalise skin from within. Restore your confidence today.

1 x Advanced Dermasweep
LED – Blue Light Therapy
1 x Peel of choice
Complimentary skin assessment


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