Suffering from Uneven and Poor Skin Texture? We Can Help!

Are you someone who has been struggling with skin issues? Laser skin rejuvenation helps to resurface your glowing and healthy skin. You can also reduce wrinkles and age spots further tightening your skin. However, when researching what suits your skin type, you must plan a visit to a dermatologist and ensure that you know your skin type and underlying issues are treated as well.

Instead of getting overwhelmed by the number of available treatments, you can trust your physician to guide you through the process of getting a laser treatment best suited to your skin.

One of the best treatments to opt for is laser skin resurfacing which addresses all the issues such as wrinkles, redness, acne, acne scars, sunspots etc. your dermatologist can help you determine which skin treatment will help you to get a healthy skin.

To treat your acne, you can also opt for acne treatment because acne scars can run havoc on your confidence.

There are various invasive and non invasive procedures to choose from, such as Ablative lasers and non-ablative lasers.

Ablation helps to remove certain parts of the skin which are causing delay in your skin to produce collagen. Lasers destroy the top layer of unhealthy skin in an attempt to encourage growth of new, shiny skin. This allows your skin to work as the laser penetrates the deeper layer of your skin, which makes it a safe procedure to choose from. Recovery time is fast and there are minimal complications. This method can be used to treat acne scars and wrinkles.

Non-ablative lasers work directly by stimulating skin to produce more collagen, making skin strong and flexible. Because these treatments don’t destroy the skin cells, it is easier to recover from it. Non-ablative lasers are not very powerful, but the results are long lasting and drastic.

We offer various kinds of treatments to choose from by guiding you with what suits your skin the best. However, if you are afraid of going under the laser, you can discuss that with our dermatologist. We will ensure that you get the best treatment available.

To remove sun damage from your skin, you can choose laser photo Rejuvenation that helps to get your gorgeous complexion back. Sun induced pigmentation is hard to fight, but not impossible. Laser photo Rejuvenation helps to target the melanin in dark spots and breaks it to reveal your perfect skin tone.

If you want to opt for something that is less scary, choose dermablading. It is a process to gently remove the peach fuzz from the skin. Once you have the brighter and smoother complexion, you will understand better why laser treatments can actually help you achieve your skin goals.

However, you can opt for medlite skin treatment as it has zero down time. The treatment has an extremely few complications, but is reliable. It causes epidermal injury which results in pigmentation and acne scarring and wrinkles.

You can also opt for a laser treatment that helps to lift your skin, rejuvenating your skin texture and an overall complexion. Fraxel laser is the best in class to remove wrinkles, and treat for crow’s feet. This is another method to easily fix sun damage. After the laser, you look 10 years younger and have more youthful skin.

We understand that there are so many different types of treatments to choose from, but there are different treatments because every skin type is different. No one laser treatment can treat every skin issue. But we help to identify what is best suited for your skin type.

You can opt for CO2 laser treatment which uses  ablative lasers to treat warts and deeper flaws in the skin. Lasers help the skin to absorb the pigments and reduce scarring and pigmentation.

If you have broken capillaries or rosacea, you can opt for Pulsed-Dye lasers which are normally no-ablative. It has no down time, but better effects.

Another option to choose from is Fractional Lasers which induce thousands of small beams that help to treat only certain areas of the skin.

It is highly recommended to meet your dermatologist to decide which treatment would best suit your skin and fix the issues. Accordingly, you can plan for multiple treatments for the best result. Our board certified cosmetic surgeons believe that certain skin issues require medical intervention to treat the issues. Don’t we all want flawless skin? These treatments help you find the issues and fix them from the root.

If you are afraid of the lasers, you can sit with your doctor and discuss the various lasers and their sensation felt. We want you to have the best skin, not a hard time.


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