Tweaks to lose weight with diet and exercise

exercise to loose fat

We have many clients that visit us at Ozmedica Clinic who are keen to improve themselves both inside and out, including weight loss. Often this includes consultations around which beauty treatments are available, but also holistic conversations around overall health and wellbeing. In turn this then invariably leads to constructive dialogue around the benefits and power of a nutritional balanced diet and regular exercising.

Diet vs exercise

Everybody is different, and the physically visible effects of what you put into your body and what you ask it to do will vary too. If your goal is to lose a few kilograms then you need to be capable of identifying why they are there in the first place. There are many factors that will successfully contribute to weight loss, however it is important to focus on those that are healthy and sustainable.

What we eat and drink is predominantly the main reason for unwanted weight gain in Australia. A lack of exercise is unhealthy in its own ways, nevertheless if you feel like you are heavier or unhealthier than you should be, we recommend an honest assessment of your foods and lifestyle as the best place to start your journey.

Depending on what you read, experts claim that nutrition is anywhere from 70% to 99% of the battle when it comes to losing weight in today’s society.

Constant and arduous exercise will prove pointless and disheartening if you are canceling out its benefits by eating badly or drinking unhealthy liquids in unhealthy amounts.

Having a plan

In regards to improving both your diet (which remember is not A diet) and exercise levels, small consistent changes will work best in the long term. By implementing minor tweaks regularly, the benefits will compound over time and you will not feel as though you are missing out on the things you love about your life.

Here are some extremely simple food-related examples of small changes that you might be able to adopt to help you lose weight:

  • Eliminate high sugar soft drinks and alcohol, this is an excellent first step for most people. It’s simple and will save you a load of money too.
  • Be organised with your meal preparations, eating leftovers, grocery shopping and snacking smart.
  • Always eat regularly and definitely have breakfast every day.
  • Cut down on bread.

Introducing exercise to your life needs to be undertaken with a similar mindset. If you make giant sweeping alterations then your mind and body will feel overwhelmed, very quickly.

Here are some extremely simple exercise-related examples of small changes that you might be able to adopt to help you lose weight:

  • Stop doing any exercise that you don’t enjoy, find a physical activity that you love.
  • Walking is awesome. Do it more. Do it as much as you can.
  • Play with your kids (or someone else’s kids), they will love it and you will tire yourself out.
  • Any exercise will be more enjoyable and less taxing if you are listening to something you love while doing it. Music, audiobooks, podcasts, stand up comedy, anything.

Remember, exercise makes our brain make smarter food choices.

Maintaining motivation and momentum

The very best way to keep going with your healthy eating and regular exercise is to set goals. These do not need to be related to the number on your scales. Think about the destination, where you are trying to get to. Makes your goals clear and achievable. Then when you reach them, create new goals.

Variety is the spice of life and because of the way our tastebuds and our muscles operate sometimes we get bored. Mix things up with both your food and exercise. The internet is full of recipes and workout ideas that will mean there’s always something new to try.

Everything will progress in the desired direction with consistency and patience.

If you are needing further motivation just remember, as we have outlined in many of our other articles, the look and feel of your skin is largely related to your overall health. A balanced diet and regular exercise will directly contribute to a more beautiful complexion and skin tone.

When should treatments like Sculpsure be considered?

Sculpsure is a revolutionary, non-invasive fat fighting laser technology that uses a diode to create heat and in turn break down fat cells beneath the skin. It is a targeted method and certainly has its benefits in certain situations for many of our clients.
If you have previously incorporated a healthy diet and regular exercise into your lifestyle then you will already be enjoying the weight loss positives. Sculpsure exists to help minimise the presence of fats when the simple processes are falling short.
It is a great option for men and women of all body shapes, ages and skin types too. It addresses unwanted fat build-ups in the belly, thighs, back, flanks and now also the chin area.
You can learn more about the Ozmedica Clinic Sculpsure treatment options that are available by clicking here.

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