Why don’t my skincare products work?


Why don’t my skincare products work? (clogged pores and Dermaplaning treatment)

clogged pores

So, you have been squeezing in your 4-step skincare routine every night and your skin still doesn’t feel great, ever had that feeling? You still face skin issues like acne, dullness, blackheads, etc. This occurs due to product inefficiency and clogged pores.

Right this second there are dead skin cells building a home, clogged in your pores and hair follicles. Even if you use the best products, they won’t be able to penetrate through all the dirt locked in your skin and work their magic. At this stage, your skin requires exfoliation.

To rejuvenate your skin and make your skincare products work better, this newly launched beauty treatment called Dermaplaning and/or Derma Blading is the way to go!

You have probably heard about it before or must have seen a video of a medical aesthetician scraping dirt off of one’s face. Sounds crazy but performs so well. This trendy treatment looks like an invasive process, but in the hands of an expert clinician the blade gently scrapes off all the dead skin cells and vellus hair out of your skin. This opens your pores and allows your products to give you that radiant look you desire out of your skincare routine. Sounds totally reasonable, right? The blade is specially designed to eliminate any wounds during the process. This isn’t like one of those harsh exfoliators.

dermabladingDermaplaning exfoliates your lifeless skin and helps you maintain a healthy glow. It is recommended to get this treatment done every every two to four weeks so that your skin pores aren’t blocked again. Skin cells from makeup, products, dirt that clog your pores and hair follicles are the reason breakouts occur. This blocks your beloved skincare products to penetrate in. However, if you already experience extreme breakouts, your skin might be too sensitive and not suitable for this treatment. Otherwise, there is no downtime to dermplaning and the results are visible at the first glance.

Licencesed medical aestheticians at OzMedica Aesthetic Skin & Beauty Clinic can help you attain that healthy glow. The best part is that the Dermaplaning treatment is running at a special price of only $99 right now for a limited time only!

This is the perfect time to get your summer glow and to rejuvenate your skin. Dermaplaning is best in combination with other treatments like Medical Peels, Medi-Facials and Face Masks for better and enhanced results.

To take care of your skin beyond treatment, we recommend getting your hands on SkinCeuticals products. Why? Because their product formulas are highly science-based and ACTUALLY WORK! Start with something light and slippery on a cotton pad like the SkinCeuticals Simply Clean Gel. Oils and gels are fantastic for this, as they cut through the waxy pigments most makeup is made up of. Follow up with a richer formula, work it into skin to nudge out every last trace of dirt, grime and grease, then rinse with water. Skinceuticals Clarifying Exfoliating cleanser is the way to go, which somehow manages to blend being incredibly soft, unfoamy, unperfumed and unbothersome to even the most sensitive eyes, with supreme cleansing prowess.

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